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The Media Centre

The centre opened in 1997 when the country's largest independent cinema operator, City Screen, opened the Exeter Picture House. A partnership with Devon Curriculum Services provided the opportunity to link media education with the cinema-going experience. It remains an example of a public private partnership working creatively to the benefit of each organisation. From a small base of operation and two staff in 1997, it has now grown into a centre which, we think, is unique in the country.

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South African artists

professional development : training : digital resource production : creative work with pupils : Devon youth film

We aim to provide a range of services which use digital technology to release the creativity of teachers and pupils alike.

Young Voices for Change

Young Voices for Change

GCSE Roadshow

GCSE Roadshow


Devon Youth animated films

Animated Films




Photoshop is the in thing now. Many young people are learning the skills. Young couples are not left out. But the challenge is finding a great place to take Photoshop courses. This is where our college comes in.
Our college offers photo shop courses such as photo composing, which is normally applied when the other person is missing in a group photo in circumstances where the entire group is inclusive in the image. One of our courses can be a modern anniversary gift for a young married couple, check out other modern anniversary gift ideas at www.anniversary-gifts.ca. We also help young couples acquire skills on resizing an image and refining the layer mask.

Besides. Photoshop techniques that involves digital workflow for beginners such as camera creativity is among the many courses we offer. This is a very helpful skill.

Visual effects such as the short visual one and many different types of images, a course that is difficult to many is also available in our college.Colour grading, tilting and 3D composition that helps to finish into single is being taught here.This technique is the fastest type of creativity and it takes two days only.

A 5 by 4 technique that films and processes images to black and white is also among them. Based on printing, we use the strongest cameras with excellent papers to acquire large formatted rips. We also use pro tools for shorter courses, where we give discounts to our esteemed young couples.

Raw processing; involving utilization of the camera in control over images. In this course we use advanced adobe camera that has raw exprolational utility on repairing it .My dear young couples, retouching allows one to acquire skills on refinement in making favorable adjustments. This principle also explains on how layers work with Photoshop to produce attractive images.

Enhancing image by the use of adjustment layers is a course that enables the young couples to perform repair and enhancing in a non-destructive and continuously re-edible manner. We perform Photoshop walk through, image editing, image size and insight in good quality of image.

Our give young couples opportunity to undertake the courses. We provide high quality skills and knowdge on Photoshop. This helps in generating income to young people. The revenue will increase which will boost the economy. The young couples, through Photoshop, can be able sustain their families fully.

We offer these courses at a reasonable discount. Fee to join is affordable to any young couple who intend to gain expertise in Photoshop. The course takes only one month and certificates are issued on completion.

The first 10 young couples to participate win different prizes. Participants will win tablets and also jewelry for the ladies. Come one come all.

Applicants can apply online.

This is a course that can help a young couple in various ways. Besides the fun, a couple can earn income from the venture. It is important however to make sure that you are passionate about the course. This makes learning easier. If your spouse is not really interested in the course, do not force them. Explain to him or her how the course will benefit your young family. Once they understand, joining the program will not be a problem.

When all is said and done, this is a course that you definitely need to take as a young couple. Go for it and you will realize for yourselves.

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